22 October 2011

Great news! - We have released a version of our mobile app for Windows Phone 7! - Head on over to the Marketplace now and download it!

Additionally, we have moved the K8055 iOS Bridge Service to a more stable server with better capacity.

We apologise for the recent interruptions to the service and hope that the new setup will offer better stability and reliability.

Thanks for using K8055 iOS Bridge!

Late 2010

We've recently had a few questions from users informing us they have had difficulties with .NET framework 4.0. It seems the newer version of the client application can be a little more tricky to get started; however this formula seems to solve 99% of issues:

  1. Disconnect your card and close the application
  2. Remove both jumpers from your card
  3. Run the application, choose the correct jumper setting (both removed)
  4. Connect your card

We hope this makes things a little clearer!

Control your projects from your iPhone

We've produced an iPhone app and a Windows Phone 7 app alongside a Windows client and a Mac client to bridge your iOS device and Velleman's K8055 USB Experiment Interface Board. It works from anywhere you can access the Internet on your iPhone. Just install the app on your iOS device (iPhone or iPod Touch) and run the client - enter the code on your screen and you're away - simple.

The applications of the K8055 and iPhone combination are impressive - controlling simple electronics projects to launching fireworks from a distance. No network configuration is required and we'll soon be providing a RESTful API to control K8055 using your own web applications too.

Multiple Client Platforms

The apps for iOS or Windows Phone 7 connect to our servers which relay the state information to your K8055 board. This requires a client running on the machine your board is connected to. We're currently working on expanding our collection of clients, but right now we have a Windows (XP/Vista/7) client and a Mac OS X (10.6.0 or better) client available for download.

We plan to release a Linux client shortly after the public API. The API will provide developers with a way to tie their applications into the K8055 board over the Internet. Programmers will be able to access the state of their K8055 board as a JSON string or as XML.

You can download the windows and Mac clients using the green buttons in the sidebar to the right. The Public API manual will be made available soon and will be downloadable from this page too.

See it in action

Latest News (22/10/2011)

We have upgraded our service architecture to support our increasing user base.

Having sold over 500 copies of the K8055 iOS Bridge app for iOS and having just launched our Windows Phone edition, we hope to continue to expand and improve the service.

You can find out more about the K8055 at http://www.velleman.eu/distributor/products/view/?id=351346.

What do you think?

We'd love to know what you think of our applications. It's your feedback that keeps us improving, developing and pushing the boundary further.





K8055 iOS Bridge Service utilisation over 24 hours:

Total channels:  4213   (7 Connected now)


We insist that you do not use the K8055 iOS Bridge Service Platform, Software (iOS or WP7 Mobile applications or desktop clients) or K8055 Hardware in safety-critical applications.

Additionally, Damien Walsh and/or TranscendSolutions UK cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of property, injury or loss of life caused by this product or its use.